What To Expect From a Treatment

With reflexology, a state of relaxation, rest and repair can be atttained where the body can heal. Every person has it’s own way to heal.

During the first visit, you will be asked to fill out a form that let’s Suzanne know of any areas you wish to be worked on.

Only socks and shoes are removed. The 60 to 70 minute treatment starts with the feet being cleaned with witchhazel*, and starts with the right foot and then the left foot.



Clients lie down on a gravity chair meant for treatments and may enjoy the tranquil view outside while soothing music enhances the relaxed atmosphere.



After a few reflexology treatments, clients get to know how their bodies process the shift of energy.

Some people have a different experience every time, some feel simply relaxed and others sleep during the treatment. The body does the most efficient healing in this state of ‘rest and digest’.  The most commonly reported difference is better sleep.

For an hour or two following the treatment, it’s best to be in a relaxed environment following a treatment. Bodies often need time to ‘process’. .

Continuing to hydrate with water and herbal teas helps the cleansing process along and prevents any of the ‘not so nice’ side effects that may happen if the body isn’t hydrated.



Be sure to be hydrated. Consume more water than usual on the day of treatment. This ensures that any toxins that have been upheaved from the session exit through the bladder.

A full meal should be avoided for at least two hours prior, however, a light snack within the hour is fine. Otherwise the stomach may feel uncomfortable during and after treatment.



Two very well behaved dogs reside in our home. They enjoy greeting clients and then settle down to their resting places during the visit. Not everyone likes dogs and that’s cool. If dogs being present is a concern, please let me know, and they won’t be part of the greeting process.