Finally some foot relief! After several years of living with plantar fasciitis, I have been treated by Suzanne only 4 times and the improvement is remarkable! I have tried other modalities, with little success. Suzanne’s caring and skills in reflexology make her an effective healer. Thank you Suzanne!

Lindsay Cornfield, Toronto, ON

After receiving Reflexology treatments from Suzanne, I feel grounded. It brings me back into awareness of my body by reminding me of the areas and issues in me that I need to address on a physical and emotional level. With regular treatments, it keeps me on path of the continuing work of self and body awareness while benefiting my overall health and wellbeing.

Cynthia McQuillan, Ameliasburgh ON
Jin Shin Do Practitioner

I approached Suzanne with a general curiosity about reflexology and no prior experience. The results in terms of relief of tension and stress were evident from the first session and I have since attended regular sessions as I’ve noticed benefits to both my posture and overall level of relaxation. Suzanne is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner and has informed me about some of the underlying roots of various aches and strains. I now consider reflexology on par with massage therapy, a valuable and enjoyable treatment to support my wellness and restoration.

Jessica A., Wellington

Prince Edward County ON

Reflexology was always a curiosity to me as I had heard limited information on how it worked and its efficacy.  With having developed inflammatory arthritis in my feet, a condition caused by Crohn’s, to say I was blown away by my response to Suzanne’s treatment is an understatement.  After a single session with Suzanne, I experienced near total cessation of foot pain and regained my mobility.  You ROCK Suzanne.
Sam St. Omer
99.3 County FM Radio
Belleville ON

I have had about five reflexology treatments by Suzanne. I have recently had regular weekly sessions and have found the results even better. My feet stay looser for longer.  My sagging insteps don’t cause me pain as much anymore.  The footwork has also had a positive effect on my knees which have become kind of cacked over the years, due to cartilage deterioration.  Overall, the treatments have been a great addition to the other things I do to keep my feet from being pain-free.

Buffy Carruthers
Milford, Ontario

I am so glad that I discovered Suzanne after injuring my foot in the centre of my heel.  I am a farm worker so the injury was hampering my ability to work.  When I started to receive treatments, Suzanne asked me good questions and her touch was magical. My body relaxed and trusted her.  When I entered a deep and quiet space during the session, I could feel the heat of the pain draining from my heel.  Suzanne has great skills and I feel I will not only recover my ability to walk without pain but that I’m benefitting on other levels as well.

Valerie Geen, Demorestville, Prince Edward County ON

In January 2018 I slipped on the ice, landing on both kneecaps. This joined with old age (86) and Peripheral Neuropathy, forced me into assisted walking for almost ten months with the use of a walker, then walking sticks and finally a cane. A number of therapies were applied, including Reflexology at a healing table and I am now walking unassisted again. I believe the reflexology to have been of perceptible benefit in my recovery. I still receive reflexology treatments twice a month.

R.C., Wellington, ON

Reflexology treatments from Suzanne are very relaxing and they reduce an enormous amount of stress from work.

John Wiens, Another Look Renovations, Prince Edward County ON

I feel very fortunate to have received a gift certificate for three sessions of reflexology at a healing table. Every week I looked forward to my sessions.  Suzanne is an excellent Reflexology Practitioner. She pays attention to detail and makes me feel very comfortable. She is organized and very thorough. Each week I have experienced total relaxation while she manipulates my feet paying attention to the pressure points associated with my needs. I look forward to my continuing sessions with Suzanne.

L. Latchford, Wellington, P.E.C., ON