Finally some foot relief! After several years of living with planter fasciitis, I have been treated by Suzanne only 4 times and the improvement is remarkable! I have tried other modalities, with little success. Suzanne’s caring and skills in reflexology make her an effective healer. Thank you Suzanne!

Linsay Cornfield


After receiving Reflexology treatments from Suzanne, I feel grounded. It brings me back into awareness of my body by reminding me of the areas and issues in me that I need to address on a physical and emotional level. With regular treatments, it keeps me on path of the continuing work of self and body awareness while benefiting my overall health and wellbeing.

Cynthia McQuillan
Jin Shin Do Practitioner


I feel very  fortunate to have received a gift certificate for three sessions  of reflexology at a healing table. Every week I looked forward to my sessions.  Suzanne is an excellent Reflexology Practitioner. She pays attention to detail and makes me feel very comfortable. She is organized and very thorough. Each week I have experienced total relaxation while she manipulates my feet paying attention to the pressure points associated with my needs. I look forward to my continuing sessions with Suzanne.

Lana Latchford



I approached Suzanne with a general curiosity about reflexology and no prior experience. The results in terms of relief of tension and stress were evident from the first session and I have since attended regular sessions as I’ve noticed benefits to both my posture and overall level of relaxation.

Suzanne is a skilled and knowledgable practitioner and has informed me about some of the underlying roots of various aches and strains. I now consider reflexology on par with massage therapy, a valuable and enjoyable treatment to support my wellness and restoration.

Jessica A.