What To Expect From a Treatment

With reflexology, a state of ‘homeostasis’ can be attained. This is a state of relaxation, rest and repair where the body can heal. Every person has it’s own way to heal. Almost everyone responds to Reflexology, some more than others.


What to Expect

After a few reflexology treatments, clients get to know how their bodies process the shift of energy.


Some people have a different experience every time, some feel simply relaxed and others sleep during the treatment. The body does its most efficient healing in this state of homeostasis.  Sensations during and after the treatment are mostly pleasant or neutral.  If deep releases occur, the body needs to process accordingly. Drinking water before and after treatments, aids in releasing toxins through the bladder.  Please refer to ‘CLIENT EXPERIENCES’ for more information.



It’s best to be in a relaxed environment following a treatment.

Everyone experiences releases differently. After a few treatments clients get to know how their bodies process the shift of energy.  The most commonly reported difference is better sleep.

Hydrating oneself with water and herbal teas helps the cleansing process along.

cold glass of water photo (2)



Be sure to be hydrated. Consume alcohol-free beverages only, 12-24 hours before.

A full meal should be avoided for at least two hours prior, however, a light snack within the hour is fine.

If a person is sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants, ie high dosage of sugar, it’s best avoided the day of treatment.