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I’m a qualified Certified Holistic Practitioner based in

Prince Edward County, Ontario.


Reiki, Master Level, Usui System


taj mihal IV


After using this modality at the end of Reiki treatments for fifteen years, I decided to revisit reflexology and attain a certificate from The Reflexology Training Academy of Canada in June 2015.  Now it has become the main modality I practice.  Others modalities I studied are the use of yoga, meditation, sound therapy and  essential oils.




Sign for HART in NepalI did an intense inquiry of meditation and yoga between 2008 and 2010, including an extended journey to India and Nepal. In 2009 I spent three months living in the Himalayas and volunteering at two animal rescue operations. Living amongst the energy of an ancient land containing the history and knowledge of healing and living off the land enhanced my intention and skill set of healing through the hands.  Upon returning to Canada, I moved to the County in 2010.